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Abortion Services We Offer

Non-surgical medication abortions - (available if less than 10 weeks): 

We offer the choice of a non-surgical/medication abortion with Mifeprex and Misoprostol. With a medication abortion, you will come in to our office for an ultrasound, counseling and to see the doctor. At that time, the doctor will give you the first medication, Mifeprex. Mifeprex works by blocking progesterone, which is needed to maintain the pregnancy. One to two days later at home, you will take the second medication called Misoprostol. Misoprostol works by expelling the pregnancy and causes heavy bleeding and cramping for a period of time. Some other side effects can include nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, diarrhea and headache. These side effects usually do not last more than 12 hours after taking Misoprostol at home.
If you have nausea, vomiting, fever, diarrhea, weakness or flu-like symptoms for more than 24 hours after taking your Misoprostol at home, please call the clinic or the on-call physician immediately.

Surgical Abortions - (available between five to 21.6 weeks):

  • For patients who are five to 11.6 weeks:  We perform five- to 11.6-week surgical abortions using suction curettage. The procedure, counseling, ultrasound and all related tests are performed on one day. You are usually at the clinic for four hours (including paperwork and recovery time).  After filling out paperwork and performing a urine pregnancy test, an ultrasound is done for dating purposes only. Then, one of our trained female staff will counsel you in your own private counsel room about the procedure, aftercare instructions, birth control methods in which you are interested and answer any questions you may have. You will also receive anti-anxiety medication and antibiotics at this time. Then you are escorted to your own private exam and recovery room where additional blood tests and pain medication ( if requested) are administered. Any additional tests (pap smears, STD screening, etc.) can also be done by the doctor at your request. The doctor then does a pelvic exam, anesthetizes the cervix and performs the procedure. The actual procedure (without all of the other tests, exams and discussions) takes approximately two to three minutes. You will then recover in the SAME private exam room for approximately 30 minutes (no walking to a different room while you’re medicated). Your friend, relative or partner is welcome to participate as much or as little as you wish during your appointment (except for the ultrasound) and may be with you in the exam, counsel and recovery rooms the majority of the time if preferred. If it’s easier, there is a comfortable waiting room and ample sites, shopping and attractions in downtown Seattle for your support person to enjoy while you have your procedure.
  • For those patients who are 12 - 21.6 weeks: We will perform 12 - 21.6 weeks abortions as a one-day procedure, provided that there is no resistance when dilating the cervix. We use a special kind of medicine to “soften” the cervix, which decreases the likelihood of cervical tears. In a small number of patients if resistance is encountered, then laminaria (sterile seaweed that expands with water) are inserted and remain in the cervix overnight, and the patient is asked to return the next day to complete the procedure.


We also have referrals for patients over 21.6 weeks gestation, patients seeking vasectomies or tubal ligations or those wanting to continue their pregnancy. It’s up to you when to parent, how many children to parent and when to get permanent birth control. We want you to have support no matter what you decide.



"Thank you so much for being so compassionate at such a scary and critical time. I appreciated it very much."

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